Secure handling with plastic load carriers

Packaging and foil printing places high demands on upstream and downstream logistics processes. Secure handling has to be ensured throughout production, storage of raw materials as well as finished goods in order to avoid damages on the sensitive carton, corrugated board or foil products. Craemer plastic pallets offer more security and reliability for these applications.

Product damages can be avoided

Plastic load carriers are splinter-free, even during rough handling. As a result, damages caused by splinters or abrasion become a thing of the past when using high-quality plastic pallets. They are ideal for automated processes and run smooth in all standard handling and conveyor systems. The pallets are maintenance and repair free, which cuts costs on time-consuming and costly pallet checks.

The extensive product portfolio offers solutions for many areas. What’s more, Craemer plastic pallets can be individually adapted to any application. From optional anti-slip on the top deck, integrated reinforcement profiles for higher load capacities to rims for additional load safety - the possibilities are diverse. 

Craemer product range for the packaging, foil and cardboard industry:

CR - Heavy duty plastic pallet

  • Ideal for handling heavy duty loads across all industries 
  • For use in high rack warehouses or automated processes
  • Antislip topdeck for maximum load safety

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TC- Completely closed

  • Fully closed, Patented Craemer welding seam geometry
  • Ideally suited for heavy-duty loads, exceptionally resistant to impact
  • For all areas where permanent protection against moisture is essential
  • High-strength welds and innovative honeycomb structure

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D - Lightweight plastic pallet

  • Extremely versatile, very long service life
  • Retrofitable reinforcement rods
  • Durable, lightweight but with high load capacity
  • Easy to clean

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Custom-made plastic pallets

  • Custom fit solutions for your individual requirements
  • Extensions of length or width, reductions in size
  • Welding on additional edges and frames
  • Individual pallet size up to 118 x 118 inches (3000 x 3000 mm)

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