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Craemer Group at Seafood Expo North America

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The Craemer Group, a leading manufacturer of plastic pallets, wheelie bins, and containers in Europe, is set to strengthen its U.S. activities by showcasing its innovative products at the Seafood Expo North America in Boston (booth 1481) for the first time. Craemer is headquartered in Germany and has long-term experience serving key industries as well as a dedicated network of distribution partners in the U.S. Thus the company is well positioned to expand its services on the North American market, providing customers in trade and industry with cost-effective, high-quality products and efficient, flexible solutions.

Since making the first plastic pallet produced in one-piece by injection molding in 1967, the Craemer Group has long been recognized as a pioneer and innovator. This family-run German enterprise offers quality products and responsive customer service, with research and development, construction, and production all under one roof. Craemer's reusable plastic pallets and containers are manufactured exclusively from pure, high quality materials and are designed and tested for hygienic compliance. In this way, Craemer plastic pallets remain a dependable link in your logistics chain even after many years of service.


The Craemer Group will showcase its complete range of innovative products at Seafood Expo North America. These include its range of plastic pallets, various transport and container solutions, as well as its latest product innovation: the first fish box with an integrated RFID transponder to allow comprehensive tracking and tracing. By developing this groundbreaking, RFID supported, patent pending solution, the Craemer Group offers a new generation of fish boxes that will make the entire transport and logistics chain simpler, faster, and more transparent.


For more information about our complete high quality product portfolio, our latest developments, and all other enquiries, please contact Alexander Korell or visit our team at Seafood Expo North America (Booth 1481).


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