Custom-Made Plastic Pallets

Today, smooth processes require maximum flexibility. Our answer: high quality plastic pallets in various special sizes. We can provide you with a custom-fit solution to your individual requirements – fast and in first-class quality.

The butt welding process

This process enables us to produce numerous special designs in premium quality. Possibilities include:

  • extended length
  • extended width
  • size reductions
  • welding on additional rims and frames

Your options

  • one-sided extension (length or width)
  • extension of both sides, symmetrical (length or width)
  • one-sided size reduction (length or width)
  • reduction of both sides, symmetrical (length or width)
  • combined changes in length or width
  • additional rims and borders
  • Individual pallet size up to 118 x 118 inches (3000 x 3000 mm)

It would be a pleasure to realise plastic pallets in your desired dimensions. Speak to us!

Our catalogue of requirements for special pallets gives you an idea of how to define your requirements.

Example for the Solar Industry

TC Plastic Pallet

70.10 x 43.30 inches (1780 x 1100 mm)

Custom-made plastic pallet for a customer who manufactures high-quality solar modules.

Requirements: a high degree of cleanliness, efficiency, increased work safety, and stability

Example for the Automotive Industry

D3-5 Plastic Pallet

53.20 x 47.30 x 5.90 inches (1350 x 1200 x 150 mm)

with 0.90 inches (22 mm) lip, lip all around, automotive pallet for an individual blister solution.

Requirements: individual size, cleanliness, high rims, retaining of containers

Example for Mechanical Engineering

TC Plastic Pallet

82.70 x 77.60 x 6.3 inches (2100 x 1970 x 160 mm)

Equipment of a new warehouse

Requirements: High cleanliness to allow for transport of high-quality round metal parts (centrifuges/separators), increased load safety through anti-slip top deck