Craemer CR4-5 Pallet Proven To Last 500+ Loops

Craemer Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality, long-lasting plastic pallets, announces their CR4-5 plastic pallet was recently quality tested by Virginia Tech and proven to last more than 500 loops, making it one of the most durable plastic pallet on the market. 

“The most resilient plastic pallet, the CR4-5 is more sturdy and stable than any other pallet on the market,” said Axel Breitkreuz, President of Craemer US Corporation.

The CR4-5 underwent a series of durability and quality tests over the course of four months at Virginia Tech. Using the FasTrack Simulation, the pallets were tested for structural durability and the extent of their use, going through simulations of rough handling, including a 3,000-pound forklift and a 4,000-pound pallet jack, tested at various speeds with a dummy load of 1,500 pounds. All evaluated Craemer CR4-5 pallets successfully survived 500 FasTrack cycles without experiencing any damage or failure. 

The durable plastic pallet is manufactured for universal use across industries, but its closed-loop, hygiene-first focus makes it ideal for food and pharmaceutical environments. Wood pallets average failure after only 11 cycles, while the CR4-5 is now proven to last more than 500 loops. 

The made-for-U.S., 48’’ x 40’’ CR4-5 is made from PE, is 100% recyclable, easy to clean, and reduces production downtime with no splinters or dust from wood. With its one-piece design, the CR4-5 is sturdy and features Palgrip® anti-slip top deck strips to ensure maximum safety, even in damp conditions or inclined positions. 

“It lasts more than 500 loops, and we’re extremely proud of that now-proven accolade. It’s durable across industries and environments, and our Palgrip® ensures maximum safety,” said Breitkreuz.

Check out Craemer pallets, including the CR4-5, at booth LU-681 at PACK EXPO International.

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