The SL pallet is made from one piece and is particularly suitable as an intermediate pallet for the distribution of goods due to its low overall height. Thanks to its three runners, it is especially robust despite its light weight.


  • Made in one piece

  • Three runner pallet with low tare weight (7 kg)

  • Building height of only 120 mm

  • Made of HDPE*

  • Static load capacity of up to 2.000 kg**

Corner elements against slipping of packaging film

  • Optimized load security through simple fixation of the film

  • Integrated film slot on the pallet foot

Various rim options for ideal locking

  • 0 mm with empty stack locking aid

  • 7 mm with empty stack locking aid

  • 12 mm outside

12 mm external locking

Areas for printing

  • Individual labelling options

  • Areas for barcodes and labels

* Our service team is pleased to be at your disposal if your require exact information about material compositions.                                                                                               

** All technical data include characteristic features, which have been tested under specially defined conditions. Varying data may result from different conditions of usage such as loading method, prevailing temperature and length of storage time. Our service team is pleased to be at your disposal to check the special requirements of your individual application.  

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