Count on the quality of Craemer Plastic Pallets

Wood or plastic: The decision which load carrier to use for your logistic processes is a difficult one to make. Although wood remains the standard material, plastic pallets are increasingly gaining momentum. Process automation and optimisation are becoming more important as retailers and various other industries are placing new demands on future-proof operations. Companies have to address these demands and also avoid product contamination or process disturbances often caused by wooden pallets. Thus interest in the use of plastic pallets is growing.


Gordon Darbyshire, Area Sales Manager at Craemer UK, sheds some light on the most important benefits of plastic pallets:


Dimensional Stability, Load Capacity and Durability


Plastic pallets have the big advantage of dimensional stability. The three main factors that influence this stability are a well-designed construction, the use of only pure and high-quality raw materials and our one-piece injection moulding production process. Wooden pallets that have been in circulation for some time are known to suffer from a variety of problems, such as splinters, moisture ingress or deflection. Although the load capacity of a new wooden pallet is comparable to that of a plastic pallet it mostly does not stay that reliable for long. Plastic pallets do not have these issues and therefore remain dimensionally stable and reliable. They offer static load capacities of up to 7.500 kg and do not deflect, even if you handle or store heavy loads on a daily basis. Another issue with wooden pallets is their poor durability. Craemer pallets are long life tested and have an estimated life span of 10 years under normal working conditions.


Quality Standard, Reparability and Cleanliness


A high-quality plastic pallet is maintenance and repair-free with consistent weight and quality standard. In comparison, wooden pallets are prone to a loss of overall quality and especially moisture ingress which can lead to inconsistent tare weights. In industries where hygienic regulations are indispensable Craemer’s TC pallet is one example of a reliable alternative. It is the first completely closed plastic pallet that conforms to the highest of hygienic demands by offering protection from moisture or contamination. Craemer plastic pallets are easy to clean and suitable for modern pallet wash machines. For many industries, such as the food processing and pharmaceutical industries and also various non-food industries, these characteristics make plastic pallets the ideal load carrier for improving their logistic efficiency.


Costs and Business Efficiency


When deciding upon a load carrier it is not just about the technical aspects. Ecological considerations increasingly play a part and the main decision driver are financial considerations. Compared to wooden pallets, plastic pallets represent a significantly higher initial investment. When considering switching to plastic pallets it is important to include their durability and low damage rate in the calculation. Craemer plastic pallets increase logistic efficiency in internal processes, closed-loop systems or in pallet pools and the most important factor is for customers to realise that the bitterness of poor durability remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. We make reliable, long life tested products that save our customers money in the long run.