ESD Electro Static Discharge

Safe protection against electrostatic discharge:
Craemer‘s ESD Pallets

Use electrically conductive materials for the transport of electrostatic sensitive components. Static electricity or electrical fields can result in electrical charge. The following discharge (electrostatic discharge, short ESD) can cause a short, high-voltage electrical impulse and damage sensitive components

Take advantage of Craemer‘s plastic pallets marked with ESD:

  • Slow charge equalisation due to modified plastics with additives
  • Optimal supplement for conductive and dissipative boxes
  • In standard euro and industrial size


The most significant environmental factor in ESD Control is the relative humidity (Rh). When humidity in the working environment decreases, the human body and other insulators can easily charge with static electricity due to friction. The air itself, being dry, becomes a part of the electrostatic build-up mechanism, every time an air flow (wind, air conditioning, blower) come over an insulated surface. Relative Humidity shall be maintained over 30%. Below that value it is recommended the use of ionization.
Source: WETEC