The big advantage at below zero

An effective winter road service is crucial to ensure the continuous maintenance of road infrastructure - even during difficult weather conditions. Removal of ice and snow needs to run smoothly in order to guarantee a trouble-free traffic flow on roads, tracks or in aviation.

Craemer grit bins: The No. 1 during frost

Craemer grit bins are thick-walled, robust, and weatherproof: Ideal for the storage of grit salts for winter service operations. They have proven their worth for municipalities, local authorities as well as for commercial or operational winter servicesand can be used in a variety of places: public facilities, residential complexes, municipalities, business premises, schools, service stations, motorways, branch stores, airports, train stations etc.

The bin lid is standard fitted with a locking device, which reliably protects the content against vandalism or theft. The grit bins are stackable. This volume reduction facilitates space-saving and cost-effective storage. Thanks to their forklift and lift truck accessibility, Craemer grit bins are particularly user-friendly in daily handling.

Craemer product range for local authorities and winter road maintenance:


Plastic containers • Large volume plastic containers • Container for winter road maintenance • Containers for municipal applications • Road grit bins for road maintenance • Grit bins for local authorities