Promat Chicago: Pallet solutions that can save you money

Reusable plastic pallets made in Germany and delivered to your doorstep: pallet manufacturer Craemer is known for supplying top product quality customers can count on. As one of the leading European developers and manufacturers of high performance plastic pallets the Craemer Group offers a wide range of innovative and durable pallets solutions. Each plastic pallet is manufactured exclusively from pure, high-quality HDPE material to meet highest quality expectations and the specific requirements of various industries and applications.


At ProMat Chicago 2015 (booth 5431) the company will showcase its product portfolio for the first time. Interested visitors are invited to gain their first impression of Craemer quality and see how they can benefit from the company’s longstanding experience in plastics processing.


A simple calculation also reveals the high level of cost-effectiveness that Craemer customers can profit from. The calculation includes the many hidden aspects that often drive initial pallet costs to an unexpected level. Comparing a Craemer plastic pallet to a standard heat treated GMA wood pallet shows: Based on a ten year calculation Craemer can reduce your pallet cost by up to 40%. Return on investment is achieved after just two years of application, making Craemer an ideal partner for pallet solutions.


Visit Craemer at booth 5431 for a free calculation of your current pallet cost and see what you could save with Craemer. Alexander Korell looks forward to a personal conversation.


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