Open Day celebrated start of plastic pallet production at Craemer UK

Plastics processing company Craemer UK has successfully started production of plastic pallets. To mark the occasion, the company invited selected customers, local business leaders as well as guests from local and national government organisations to its Telford factory to see the new operation in action.


The developer and manufacturer of high-quality injection moulded material handling, storage, transport and environmental solutions is best known in the UK for manufacturing wheeled bins of the world famous Kliko brand, which are supplied to around 50 percent of local authorities across the UK. The now launched plastic pallet production line enables Craemer UK to diversify its business activities and venture into the growing market of plastic pallets. Steve Poppitt, Sales Director at Craemer UK commented: “The use of plastic pallets is already widespread in many industry sectors in Europe, particularly in food processing, retail logistics operations or pharmaceuticals. In the UK, the market for plastic pallets is growing and customers are becoming increasingly interested in durable, hygienic material handling solutions that prove their worth in daily handling.”


In 2014, Craemer UK invested £6.5 million in a new stock and distribution facility, extensions to the production and warehouse halls and the installation of two additional state-of-the-art plastic injection moulding machines. These major improvements increase production capacities by around 30 per cent, allowing Craemer to create new business opportunities by embracing emerging markets and increasing demands.


The open day gave all guests the opportunity to take guided tours through the factory: “Our guests were able to see the plastic pallets being produced and quality tested. Members of our specialist sales team accompanied each group, answered questions and explained each step of the manufacturing process. Everybody was impressed with our technical facilities and we were happy to receive much positive feedback for our new production line as well as our recent expansion”, said Steve Poppitt.


The Telford-based manufacturer is also a member of the “Made in Britain” campaign and has recently renewed its membership to continue its support of British manufacturing. John Pearce, Chief Executive of the “Made in Britain” campaign, was among the invited guests and took the opportunity to present Craemer UK with its membership certificate.