Craemer Fish Boxes at Seafood Processing North America

Trusted Quality for over 40 Years


Whether at sea or on shore: Fish boxes support the safe handling of the valuable catch. To ensure smooth processes fish boxes need to be reliable, durable and of highest quality. Plastic injection moulded fish boxes manufactured by Craemer are trusted by skippers, auctioneers and processors. As a leading European manufacturer of high-quality plastic fish boxes, storage and transport containers and plastic pallets Craemer has been a reliable partner of the international fishing industry for over 40 years.


At Seafood Processing North America (booth 1580) Craemer presents its wide range of products for the U.S. fishing industry. The product portfolio includes various fish box sizes and supplementary equipment that meet the latest industry requirements. Craemer is constantly innovating and 2014 saw the launch of the first fish box with integrated RFID transponder for full net-to-plate traceability.


This patent pending solution is a new generation of fish box that will make the entire transport and logistic chain faster, simpler and more transparent. Alexander Korell, Area Sales Manager comments: “With supermarkets and processors increasingly pushing for total traceability, RFID will become a requirement. The new fish boxes are available as 45 lbs (20 kg) and 90 lbs (40 kg) boxes and give our customers the flexibility they need to prepare for that future. Particularly significant: there is no need to buy the RFID transponder when buying the box. They are retrofittable at any time.”


In addition to this groundbreaking technology, the new Craemer fish boxes benefit from an optimized drainage system that drains water to the front, as well as an enhanced base geometry for quick and easy drainage. Improved stackability and user-friendly handgrips ensure secure handling.


Visit Craemer at Seafood Processing North America, booth 1580 to find out more about the latest product innovation for the fishing industry. Alexander Korell and the Craemer team look forward to a personal conversation.


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