Craemer ECOmax – the first plastic half pallet for sustainable logistics

Craemer is reacting to the demands made by trade and industry for the development of a load carrier which offers higher levels of sustainability, functionality and longevity than the ‘Dusseldorfer’ and, at the same time, enables universal usage across the entire supply chain, with an innovative half pallet concept. Produced under the name of ECOmax, Craemer presents the first plastic half pallet which stands for sustainability and added value in pallet logistics.

ECOmax - the alternative to the ‘Dusseldorfer’

With ECOmax, Craemer provides an alternative to wooden half-pallets which do not always meet high professional standards and can create additional costs. There are not only economic reasons that cause trade and industry to increasingly look for alternatives to the ‘Dusseldorfer’ pallet. In an age of diminishing raw materials and the demand to reduce CO2 output the need has grown for an alternative that offers greater durability and functionality. More sustainability and added value in the supply chain are the central themes.
With the new ECOmax plastic pallets, Craemer has developed a new generation of load carriers which can do more than just replace the conventional ‘Dusseldorfer’. In so doing, Craemer is breaking new ground in production, e.g. through the careful use of resources and the controlled use of recyclable materials. The manufacturer is also investing in the research and development of new materials and production techniques.

High levels of longevity, functionality and process reliability across the entire supply chain
As the ‘Dusseldorfer’ often reaches its limits in modern conveyor systems, the ECOmax is the first series of half pallets that not only guarantees a high turnover rate and as a result, a longer useful life, but also enables universal application throughout the entire supply chain. The high handling capacity of the range is achieved through the additional strengthening of the runner material. The entry width to 573 mm provides optimal conditions for handling the pallets with industrial trucks. Moreover, the automatic roller / chain conveyor system-usable ECOmax measuring 800 x 600 x 160 mm feature a high level of process reliability, resilience and shape retention. Non-slip stoppers ensures transportation safety when conveyed by fork-lift truck. In addition, the patented ‘Lego structure’ facilitates the safe stacking of empty pallets.