Craemer at FachPack 2013

achpack, Nurnberg, 24. - 26. September 2013
Hall 7, Stand 154


Craemer - Quality Leader and Innovations Partner

Innovative industry solutions for pallets and storage and transport containers


Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany, 06.08.2013. At this year's FachPack trade fair, for the first time, the Craemer Group will be highlighting its comprehensive expertise as a quality leader and experienced partner in new product development. With its own in-house tool making sector and decades of experience in plastics processing, Craemer uses its know-how to develop targeted industry solutions, yet is flexible enough to meet individual customer requirements.


Craemer's exhibit (in Hall 7, Stand 154) at the trade fair will be placing a strong emphasis on its demonstrable expertise both as a manufacturer and developer. Target-group specific and practical in its approach, the Group has much information to offer visitors on so-called "islands of industry" who are interested in learning about innovations and new product solutions in the plastic pallets market. Another first for the Group comes in the form of its highly versatile universal container for applications in the industrial and municipal sectors.



Craemer's exhibition themes and highlights at FachPack 2013


Focus on the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries

The highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene are brought into sharp relief here. Some twenty years ago, Craemer set the standard by developing the EURO H1 plastic pallet and continues to be a market leader in both quality and innovation. Under the banner, "Craemer's Original – the EURO H1 celebrates 20 years on the job", the Group tells a story of enduring success. The EURO H1 - proven a million times over - rates high in the credibility stakes precisely because it continues to be a high-quality product, and unique, owing to its exchangeability across extensive networks.


The counterpart to the EURO H1 is the TC1 hygiene pallet with closed deck. Still relatively new on the market, it makes a convincing quality statement in all areas where permanent protection against the ingress of moisture is essential. The patented Craemer welding seam geometry makes it qualitatively unique on the closed plastic pallets market. Its high-strength welds combined with its innovative honeycomb structure is what gives the Craemer TC its exceptional impact resistance. Thorough testing procedures alone do not bear witness to this fact; customers do too. The TC1 is ideal for clean room applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries.


Focus on the retail, pallet pooling and transport and logistics industries

Particularly in the retail industry but also in the pallet pooling and logistics sector, sustainability plays an important role. From both an economic and environmental point of view. Craemer satisfies this particular market requirement with pallet offerings from the CR and H family of products, and its recent addition — the ECOmax half pallet. These pallets all stand for maximum cost-effectiveness and efficiency in the leasing business, because they can be used often, reliably, and for a very long time. It therefore comes as no surprise that successful pooling service providers such as CHEP or Contraload have relied on Craemer's load carriers for years.


Industry-perfect solutions for the automotive industry

The high degree of customisation possible with Craemer plastic pallets gives rise to ideal solutions tailored specifically for applications in the automotive and automotive supplies industry. The D1 pallet with its 22 mm edge for KLT (small parts) and blister applications and the D pallet with its custom dimensions and special edge finish for an add-on module used by PSA Peugeot Citroën are just two examples of the possibilities. Quite simply, Craemer offers a great package of sophisticated and innovative options such as edges, steel frames or carbon conductive material – all of which makes it possible to cater for an enormously wide range of applications. And it is precisely this wide range of plastic pallet solutions which make Craemer products so popular with the automotive industry.


Custom pallets for individual customer requirements

Craemer manufactures custom pallets tailored to the customer's specific requirements. Once again, Craemer will be exhibiting tangible examples of this high degree of individuality built into its high-quality solutions at this year's FachPack trade fair. Trade visitors will be able to view the latest examples of Craemer plastic pallets in custom sizes which are currently enjoying success with their customers. For instance, a specific requirement for a TC3-5 pallet with anti-slip deck measuring a non-standard 2000 x 1000 mm was developed for applications in the wind tunnel for one Craemer customer, DNW (German-Dutch Wind Tunnels). One advantage over the wooden pallet: At wind speeds in excess of 200 kilometres per second, there are no flying splinters which could cause damage to the high-tech microphones or injure employees. At FachPack, Craemer will also be proud to present its industry-specific "CSC Nonstop" pallet, custom-made for the printing industry.


Universal containers for multiple applications

For the first time at the FachPack trade fair, Craemer is showcasing products from its range of storage and transport containers. Craemer universal containers are used in diverse ways, such as containers for small items, spreader grit and grist, or as order-picking containers for the retail trade, as is the case with the Netto Marken-Discount supermarket chain in Germany. The series featuring 210-, 400- and 650-litre containers, all with lids and locking devices, is particularly robust and durable, and gives good value for money..


The Craemer team looks forward to your visit and cordially invites you to come for a chat at its Stand 154 in Hall 7.


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