Craemer Plastic Pallets and Containers at Riga Food

Craemer at Riga Food - Guaranteed high quality plastic products for the food industry[more]

Craemer Plastic Pallets

The Craemer Group introduces its innovative plastic pallets and services [more]

Craemer containers for fishing industry

In recent weeks Craemer participated in some fishing exhibitions in Europe. We want to tell briefly about: The annual Seafood Processing exhibition in Brussels is firmly established in Craemer calendar. It has become one of the big, international fishing exhibitions worldwide. Visitors come from Australia, China, South America, Norway or Britain and other European countries. Since more than 10 years Craemer has a prominent stand and presents its wide product range of containers and plastic pallets for fishing industry, e.g. Euro Fish Boxes. [more]

The EURO H1 has proved itself in Europe a million times over. It has been the food industry standard and the leading load carrier in the meat industry since 1993. With the introduction of the new GS1 "Safety Tested" quality certification, sweeping changes are in store for the standardised, exchangeable EURO H1 pallet:[more]

Herzebrock-Clarholz. The Craemer Group, a family business headquartered in Herzebrock-Clarholz and specialised in metal forming, plastics processing and tool making, celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. [more]

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