• Legal notice

Legal notice

Links to external websites:

Some pages of Craemer Group's websites include links to websites of other companies, organisations or towns. The companies within the Craemer Group are not responsible for the contents of these sites.

Social Networks:

This legal notice also applies to presences of the Craemer Group companies on Facebook, Twitter, XING and YouTube.

The responsibility and rights to all content on the Craemer Group website:

Responsible for all images, texts and its content on all Craemer Group web pages is Craemer Holding GmbH. The image, text and content rights on all Craemer Group web pages also reside with Craemer Holding GmbH. Any reproduction, subsequent use or publication of any part of this website - even if the content is altered - requires in all cases the prior agreement or permission applying to a specified purpose by CRAEMER Holding GmbH and is otherwise not permitted.

Picture Credits:

Pictures shown here are used for publication on the internet.
Sources: www.fotolia.com / www.istockphoto.com / www.plainpicture.com / CP-IMAC GmbH / Barbara Meinhardt, Dipl.-Fotodesignerin, Bielefeld / Martin Brockhoff, Bielefeld / Craemer Gruppe

General terms and conditions:

Our business relationships are generally based on our terms and conditions. These are accepted by issuing an order, accepting a delivery of goods or accepting an order. The terms are available for your reference under General terms and conditions.

Further references: