»With our locations in Europe we are prepared for the challenges that arise from European states growing closer together. At the same time we can rely on the skills and motivation of our employees, on our innovative strengths and the quality of our products.«

International orientation - regional roots

Metal forming

Plastics processing

Tool making

Plastic processing

Metal forming

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Plastic sales program

European network

Today, the Craemer Group has four European sites, an active network of sales partners and a world-wide customer base. At the same time, their headquarters, the Paul Craemer GmbH, remains firmly rooted in East-Westphalia, Germany. Here, alongside the business activities of metal forming and plastics processing, the group’s central operations are located: research and development, construction and the company’s own tool making department.

Continuous expansion

Since the mid-1990’s Craemer has consistently expanded her international engagement in Europe and with this has opened up new markets in co-operation with customers and partners. In 1998 Craemer started production at the new metal factory in Slovakia. After several years of activity with two sales companies in Great Britain, the group launched a British plastics injection moulding facility in 2006. The metal tools and plastic moulds for all factories are manufactured in the tool making department at the German headquarters. Since 2009 the group also has an independent sales subsidiary in France.

Open-minded and progressive

Craemer’s European manufacturing sites and international sales network stand for customer focus, high economic performance and competitive capacity. They form a solid basis for future tasks and further global challenges.

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